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Allmax Nutrition - VITAFORM - Premium - Performance Multi-Vitamin for Men - 30-day Supply - 60 Count & Nutrition - Allflex - Joint Health - 3X Strength - Glucosamine + Collagen - 60 Count

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  • Product 1: Complete 2-A-Day Multi for Men
  • Product 1: Professional Grade Supplement
  • Product 1: 6 Functional Complexes
  • Product 1: 30 Day Supply
  • Product 2: Rapidly and Effectively Repair Damaged Joints
  • Product 2: Restore Joint Mobility
  • Product 2: Reduce Inflammation
  • Product 2: Reduce Joint Pain

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Details: Allmax Nutrition - VITAFORM - Premium - Performance Multi-Vitamin for Men - 30-day Supply - 60 Count VITAFORM has everything men need to perform at the highest level. VITAFORM gives you all of the essential vitamins you need and with key nutrients in 6 functional core blends. VITAPLEX - Essential Vitamin Complex VITAFORM contains 300% of your daily value of Vitamin C in two highly bioavailable forms and 10 mg of Boron, an essential male element. VIRIMAX - Male Support Complex VIRIMAX is a 6-blend complex formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of an active man. This complex has specific key minerals and phytonutrients crucial to good health. Complete and custom built for men. POWER - Anti-Oxidant Blend Advanced protection against rapid aging is crucial to good health. VITAFORM comes complete with POWER high-ORAC Anti-Oxidant blend to protect against excessive free-radical damage including High-Polyphenol Green Tea Extract (95% Polyphenols), Grape Seed Extract (95% Polyphenols) and Pomegranate Extract. COGNIFORCE - Mental Focus & Support Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and L-Theanine are combined in this true mental focus and support blend. L-Theanine has been evaluated for improving mood and concentration and decreasing anxiety and stress. MULTIFLEX - Bone and Joint Health VITAFORM contains 200% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin D3 and 100% Vitamin K1 an essential vitamin in bone health. ELECTROMAX - Mineral and Electrolyte Matrix Micronutrients and electrolytes are important to everyday health and play a huge part in energy levels, proper digestion, and immune function, among others. VITAFORM delivers 100% of your recommended daily value in 5 crucial nutrients for optimal health and wellness. ALLMAX Nutrition - Allflex - Joint Health - 3X Strength - Glucosamine + Collagen - 60 Count ALLFLEX is an advanced recovery supplement that has been formulated to promote joint health and reduce the pain and inflammation associated with intense physical activity. It is a proprietary blend that has been formulated for both active individuals and competitive athletes who participate in high intensity exercises. ALLFLEX is a natural and safe alternative to using pharmaceutical drugs. The ALLFLEX delivery system starts with a rapid-release micro-thin capsule that delivers results quickly and has a sustained-release formulation that continues to work over a 12-hour period. At the core of ALLFLEX is patented UCII, supported by 6 Human Clinical studies (including research at the prestigious Harvard Medical School) showing that it is more than three times as effective as Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Your joints take a pounding and until now, there has been just the regular, same old ingredients. Now on the strength of 6 Human Clinical Trials, AALLFLEX with UCII gives you the tools to fight back! 348% better than both Glucosamine and Chondroitin combined on reports of pain reduction and improved joint mobility. The key is a combination of UC-II Undenatured Type-II Collagen for joint repair, 3-Lastin for inflammation and OptiMSM for joint mobility with potent CL-5 for Free Radical Reduction and Antioxidant support! With 100% of the Daily Recommended Intake (RDI) of both vitamins C and E and such a potent and heavily researched list of ingredients, you can ALLFLEX it and forget about it! All ingredients found in the Advanced ALLFLEX joint pain relief formula are natural, safe and effective. ALLFLEX provides a unique stack to help with joint recovery and pain management. It strengthens and cushions joints, while speeding up muscle recovery and improving mobility. ALLFLEX targets pain and inflammation with natural ingredients.