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Witch Hazel is a natural astringent with cooling and soothing properties. It makes a refreshing toner and skin cleanser, capable of removing makeup. Witch Hazel also has numerous first aid uses as it can be used to soothe skin irritations, bites, burns, bruises, cuts, sprains and minor scalds.

Action: Distilled Witch Hazel is an astringent. It tightens the surface of the skin, and can also act to stop minor bleeding.

How to use Witch Hazel:

Adults, the elderly and children should apply the solution to the affected skin with lint or cotton wool.

Side Effect of Witch Hazel:

Some people may experience a skin rash, red or itchy skin (allergic reaction)

If any side effect becomes severe, or if you notice any side effects not listed above, then please tell your pharmacist or doctor.


Caution when using Witch Hazel:

Keep all medicines out of the sight and reach  of children.

Use by the date on the label.

Witch Hazel contains:

Hamamelis Water BPC 1973 100% v/v

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