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Medication features

  • Direct application treatment for genital warts
  • Contains podophyllotoxin
  • Alcohol-based solution

What is Condyline solution?

Condyline solution contains the active ingredient podophyllotoxin. This is a plant extract which can be effective in the treatment of genital warts that appear on the penis or the external female genital organs.

Genital warts

Genital warts, also referred to as Condylomata acuminata, is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a virus called Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

It can take months or even years for genital warts to disappear. If they do disappear there is a chance they may return spontaneously in the future.

The warts will disappear within 6 months in about 30% of people. For about 75% of people they will clear up within 2 years without treatment.

Certain types of HPV viruses have a risk of causing cancers such as anal and cervical cancers. The HPV vaccine is given to school children to protect against HPV infection and reduce the risk of these cancers. The vaccine can also protect against genital warts, although sometimes people can still contract genital warts even if they have had the vaccine.

How does it work?

Condyline contains the active ingredient podophyllotoxin. This is called an anti-mitotic drug, meaning it stops the wart cells from growing and causes destruction of the wart cells.

How to apply

Condyline solution contains an applicator stick which has a hole in it. This stick should be ‘dipped’ into the bottle to fill the hole with solution. Using this method, ‘dip’ the solution onto the wart and let it dry by itself. Each wart should be covered in the same way.

You should not use more than 50 ‘dips’ for treatment because only a small area should be treated at any one time. After applying the solution to the affected area you should wash your hands with soap and water.

The first dose, as described above, should be applied in the morning. A second dose should be applied 12 hours later. You should apply one dose twice a day for the following two days. This will give a total of 6 doses over 3 days.

No more doses should be applied in the first week. If your warts have not disappeared or improved after the one week treatment, it may be advisable to repeat the 6 doses over 3 days for a second week. If necessary, this treatment programme may need to be repeated for a third, fourth and fifth week.

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