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Durex Extra Ribbed Condoms have a distinct texture combination, giving you that extra something for enhanced sensuality, transparent condoms have a unique ribbed and raised-dots texture designed to maximize stimulation for you and your partner

Uses of Durex Extra Ribbed Condoms, 3 Count

Sexual Wellness

Key Benefits

  • Ribbed and Dotted for Enahnced Stimulation – Durex Extra Ribbed condoms have a distinct texture combination, uniquely positioned ribs and raised dots, designed to increase stimulation for you and your partner
  • Lubricated and Straight Walled Condoms: Transparent, natural latex condoms shaped with a teat end to be easier to put on and provide a better fit during sex
  • Size: All condoms have a length of 180mm and a width of 53mm
  • Durex Quality: Electronically tested for holes and imperfections

Directions for Use

  • Just before indulging in sexual intercourse put the condom on the erect genital.
  • The roll should be on the outside.
  • The end of the condom must be squeezed before putting it on to release any air trapped inside
  • While squeezing the end with one hand, one should put the condom on top of the genital and roll it with the other.
  • Once ejaculation is reached, and while the genital is still erect, hold the condom firmly, and take it off carefully.

Safety Information

  • For single use only.
  • Do not use a condom after the expiry date, indicated on the pack.
  • Store the condoms in a cool, and dry place.
  • Protect from heat and direct sunlight


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