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Preconceptional supplement with 800 µg folic acid and a comprehensive multivitamin and multimineral supply. Sustained vitamin C - release.


Fertilovit F is a dietary supplement specifically designed to meet the requirements of women who wish to conceive. It promotes reproductive wellness by providing complete preconceptional vitamin, mineral and antioxidant support. Folic acid is one of the B-vitamins and is abundant in fruits and vegetables. However, it is very sensitive to heat and light. Because of its importance for cell division and growth and the baby‘s healthy neuronal development, as well as blood formation, women planning for pregnancy are therefore generally recommended to supplement it. Other B-vitamins such as vitamins B6 and B12 are important for cell division and a healthy homocysteine metabolism. Pantothenic acid contributes to the healthy metabolism of steroid hormones to which the sex hormones belong, too. Other vital substances such as iron, iodine and antioxidants play an important role in supporting the body during preconception and early pregnancy as well. While iron is essential for the transport of oxygen in the blood and iodine contributes to healthy thyroid function, antioxidants like vitamin E and C protect DNA, proteins and lipids of cells from oxidative stress.

Please do not consume Fertilovit F if you suffer from autoimmune thyroiditis, have issues with your iron metabolism or have a known intolerance to any of the ingredients.

Directions: For best results, experts recommend to start taking a supplement about three months prior to conception. Take one capsule Fertilovit F daily. Please read the instructions prior to use. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Store Fertilovit F out of the reach of little children. A dietary supplement can not and must not replace a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Warnings and precautions: Fertilovit F contains 150 µg biotin per capsule. If you are about to undergo laboratory testing, you must tell your doctor or the laboratory personnel that you are taking or have recently taken Fertilovit F, because biotin may affect results of such tests. Depending on the test, the results may be falsely elevated or falsely low due to biotin. Your doctor may ask you to stop taking Fertilovit F before performing laboratory tests.

Best-before date: The best-before date is printed on the packaging

Administration form: Capsules

Packaging size: 90 capsules, Three month pack

Net quantity: 48.4 g 

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