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What is Lariam?

Lariam is an effective malaria treatment and preventative. It available as a tablet and is taken once a week. Treatment begins two weeks prior to travel, continues throughout your trip and should be taken for four weeks after your return. It is important that you continue to take the tablets post-travel, to cover the disease’s incubation period.

Lariam is a branded medication manufactured by Roche and is available from our UK-based pharmacy. It contains mefloquine hydrochloride, which targets the parasite and stops it from reproducing. This product is adept at tackling the parasites present in regions where malaria has developed an immunity to other antimalarials, such as chloroquine. It also treats active malarial strains, but this needs to be done under a doctor’s supervision.

Malaria is caused by the plasmodium parasite carried by mosquitoes and is transferred to humans through bites. Symptoms can take three months to develop after infection, or even longer in some cases. These include fever, flu-like signs and headache. Some, aggressive strains may cause organ failure and death, so it is important to take precautions.