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OneTouchSelect Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System is simple to use, providing patients with the right balance between ease of use and interpretation of results.

The measurement range indicator message in the One Touch Select meter is automatically displayed along with the measurement result, indicating the appropriate color bar, so that the patient knows whether or not to take action.

The system has pre-configured "General" ranges and "Mealtime" ranges that can be set by the patient at any time to account for the individual target range of glucose.

The system does not require coding; Gives accurate measurement results in few seconds.

With its compact size and sleek design, the OneTouch Select® Plus meter is discreet and the backlight of the screen makes it easy to read results.

In addition, the intuitive menu of the meter is easy to use so patients can get started immediately after they receive it.

The meter displays messages and commands in Polish.

OneTouch Select Plus test strips with an increased number of measuring points (5 electrodes).

The OneTouch Select Plus test strip utilizes a chemical reaction with an enzyme, glucose oxidase that is highly specific to D-glucose.

Compared to OneTouch Select, the OneTouch Select Plus meter utilizes two extra electrodes on the test strip to produce a result that does not affect the hematocrit (ranging from 30% to 55%).

Additional electrodes measure the blood sample (impedance) parameter to determine the time needed to complete the measurement. Then the glucometer uses this time to assess the glucose concentration.


The kit includes:

  • OneTouch Select Plus glucometer (with batteries)
  • 10 OneTouch Select Plus test strips
  • lancing device
  • 10 sterile lancets
  • case
  • user's guide
  • shortened user's manual
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