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OneTouch Ultra Test Strips helps to maintain your blood glucose under control.

These test strips allow you to regularly check the level of your blood sugar from home.

It is very user friendly as it just requires a OneTouch function.

The blood glucose test strips need a speck of blood that is absorbed by the test strip and the result is obtained in just 5 seconds . Before using OneTouch Ultra test strips and control solution, carefully read the User Guide and inserts that come with the components of the system.

How do I insert the test strip into the meter?

Start with the meter off. Insert a OneTouch Ultra test strip into a OneTouch Ultra meter with the 3 contact bars facing you. Push the test strip in as far as it will go. Do not bend the test strip.

Match the code on the meter with the code on the test strip vial. If the code on the meter does not match the code on the test strip vial, press ∧ or ∨ to match the code number on the test strip vial. The new code number will flash on the display for three seconds, and then stay constant for three seconds. The display will advance to the screen with the flashing blood drop icon.

If the codes already match, wait three seconds. The display will advance to the screen with the flashing blood drop icon.

See your User Guide for complete instructions on how to perform a blood glucose or control solution test.

CAUTION: Matching the code on the meter and the code on the test strip vial is essential to obtain accurate results. Each time you test, check to make sure the code numbers match.

Can I use expired test strips?

You should never use expired test strips. Using expired test strips may result in out-of-range results.

Why do I need to code?

Code numbers are used to calibrate your meter with the test strips you are using to obtain accurate blood sugar results. You must code the meter before using it for the first time and then every time you change to another vial of test strips.

What is the purpose of using control solution?

OneTouch Ultra  control solution contains a known amount of glucose and is used to check that the meter and the test strips are working properly.

See full instructions in your User Guide on how to perform a control solution test.