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What are Propranolol tablets?

Propranolol tablets are widely prescribed in the UK to treat a number of heart problems. Most commonly, propranolol can be used to treat high blood pressure, angina, heart failure, anxiety and to prevent a second heart attack in people who have previously had one.

Propranolol tablets are also available under a number of different brand names such as:

  • Angilol
  • Bedranol
  • Beta-prograne
  • Half Beta-prograne

Propranolol is classed as a beta blocker and works by reducing the workload on the heart. It also controls the rate at which the heart beats. As a result of taking propranolol tablets, the stress on the heart is reduced and the rate at which the heart beats is also slowed down. This makes it easier for the blood to pump around your body.

Propranolol tablets are available in a number of different doses. Propranolol 40mg is the strongest dose of propranolol available and is usually the starting dose when treating conditions related to anxiety. The other available dose is propranolol 10mg tablets.


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