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Proxeed Women is a clinically proven formulation specifically designed to regulate hormonal activity and promote healthy fertility and reproduction in women. 

Its unique patented formulation contains the right balance of high-quality nutrients like carnitines, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to support preconception health and increase the chances of pregnancy.  

Proxeed Women is recommended for women who:
•    want to optimise their fertility and increase their chances of pregnancy 
•    are experiencing fertility problems 
•    have risk factors for infertility eg. over 35 years of age, PCOS, endometriosis...
•    are preparing for IVF and want to ensure the best possible quality of egg (ovum) and an optimum environment for implantation

Take one sachet of Proxeed Women each day. Mix the sachet with 120ml of water or orange juice. Take Proxeed Women at the same time every day with breakfast or lunch, that way, your chances of remembering to take it are increased.

You should take Proxeed Women for 4-6 months or for as long as you are trying to conceive. This is because oocytes take around 4 months to mature before they are released at ovulation.

Proxeed Women can be taken while preparing for assisted reproductive techniques however we recommend that you consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.