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Aspirin Dispersible 75mg Tablets, also known as "baby aspirin" or "low dose aspirin", which are used to help prevent heart attacks and strokes in people who are at high risk of them.


Your doctor may recommend you take a daily low dose of these tablets if you have had a stroke or a heart attack to help stop you having another one, or if you are at high risk of a heart attack then this dose may be recommended to you.

Aspirin Dispersible tablets can be swallowed whole or these can be placed into water for them to dissolve for easy administration.

You should only take low-dose Aspirin if your doctor recommends this. The reason for this is many studies have demonstrated that whilst Aspirin 75mg can reduce the risk of strokes or heart attacks, in a generally healthy population it is also associated with damage to the stomach. In those who are higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke the balance between this and stomach damage is tipped in favour of preventing heart attack or stroke.

Taking this low-dose Aspirin to prevent heart attacks and strokes is not the same as taking aspirin as a painkiller. To treat pain Aspirin should be taken at a dose of 300-900mg.


Adults and children over the age of 16:
One 75mg tablet Once daily with food.


Do not give to children under the age of 16. There is a possible association between aspirin and Reye's syndrome when given to children, this is a very rare disease, which can be fatal.

Please read the patient information leaflet before using this medicine.