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Unirob Polar Ice is an analgesic gel used to treat minor aches and pains of the muscles or joints (example:Arthritis,backache,sprains) this product can be used by all including children of the ages two and above.

It comes in a blue cylinder rubber container with a red seal over the cover. It has a NET WT OF 80z equal to 227 grams.

This product should be applied to the external parts of the body. In times of muscle injuries during a sports activity unirob can be used. This product can also be used for massage of the joints and muscle. Unirob Polar Ice can be used everyday and all year round.

Unirob Polar Ice is the best option for treating muscles and joints aches or pains because of the presence of analgesic gel. Analgesic gel contains Menthol and Methylsalicylate which causes the skin to feel cool then warm. This makes it best to be used by everyone including children.