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Vaseline Dry Skin Repair Moisturising Body Lotion For Very Dry Skin 400 ml

Detailed Description:
Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Repair Body Lotion moisturises deeply with the first application, and keeps dry skin restored with moisture. When your skin needs a large dose of moisture to give it back its glow and soft-to-the-touch feeling, Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Repair Body Lotion is exactly what the doctor ordered. Vaseline Dry Skin Repair body lotion will leave your skin deeply moisturised and noticeably restored – providing fast-absorbing skincare with a luxurious, non-greasy feel. The Vaseline Intensive Care range works to soothe dry skin, deep down. Vaseline Intensive Care body lotion deeply moisturises, using glycerine to draw moisture to the skin and lock in moisture. Daily exposure to environmental conditions (like wind, lack of humidity and sun) can cause your skin's natural barriers to break down, allowing all that important moisture to escape. The soothing, hydrating ingredients in this body lotion lock in moisture to strengthen the skin's natural barrier. Vaseline moisturising body lotions and creams are the ideal solution for relieving everyday dryness. The light, fast-absorbing and non-greasy formula leaves your skin feeling moisturised. Apply daily to restore moisture and relieve dryness without any greasiness. Vaseline has been trusted as a leading South African skincare brand for generations. Trust Vaseline to soothe and protect your skin, every day.

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