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Gaviscon is an anti- acid used to treat heartburn and acid indigestion. It forms a protective layer in your stomach and works by lowering the amount of acid in the 

  • GETS TO WORK INSTANTLY - Gaviscon Double Action's formulation gets to work in seconds to create a protective barrier that lasts up to 4 hours; In fact, 9 out 10 people would use Gaviscon Double Action again (based on a survey of 45 heartburn and indigestion sufferers compared to control)
  • LASTS UP TO 2X LONGER THAN ANTACIDS - Unlike antacids, Gaviscon Double Action forms a raft, or layer, on the top of your stomach contents and to help keep stomach acid in your stomach, where it belongs
  • UNIQUE FORMULATION/COMBINATION FOR DUAL RELIEF OF HEARTBURN and INDIGESTION - Gaviscon Double Action neutralises excess stomach acid to help relieve discomfort. It also forms a protective barrier over the stomach contents to help soothe the burning sensation in your chest
  • CONVENIENT, ON THE GO FORMAT - Gaviscon Double Action is available in tablets which are suitable for on the go lifestyles
  • SUITABLE FOR USE IN PREGNANCY - Gaviscon products are suitable for use during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. Medicines can harm your unborn child,